Welcome to StanTech GmbH

StanTech is an innovation orientated company that is active for more than
30 years in the industrial utilization and use of synthetic membranes in the fields
of water-treatment, food-technology, biotechnology, medical applications,
treatment of waste-water, treatment of polluted air, as well in the area of
solving special separation problems in the chemical industry.

StanTech GmbH offers in specially selected areas of industrial production
comprehensive solutions to separation problems. Such solutions range from
development and production of feasible membranes and module systems,
design of respective process-technology up to complete constructions of
turn-key plants.

StanTech GmbH offers, beside a fundamental Know-How in design and industrial
scale manufacturing of synthetic membranes and respective membrane-modules
also respective project-management in implementing of complete membranepro-
ductionplants including the availability of special technology-know-how
regarding the necessary subsidiary equipment, such as solvent-treatment resp.
solvent-recovery or quality-assurance and – control.

StanTech GmbH is since more than 30 years closely interconnected with people
and institutions, which are active at the front of membrane-research and –development as well as of membrane-applications in industrial scale.