StanTech Electrodialysis:

Process description in principle

Electrodialysis is a process in which ionic species from an aqueous solution of a hydraulic circuit are transported into another hydraulic circuit by means of an electrical potential difference across a suitable arranged scheme of cation and anion selective membranes, a so-called stack.

Selected applications:

  • Water desalination
  • Desalination of whey
  • Desalination of proteins, separation of proteins
  • Salt splitting (bipolar membrane technology)
  • Diffusion dialysis

Components of specific StanTech interest:

  • Membranes that are stable in regard of chemical and thermal attacks
  • Membranes with high selectivities
  • Bipolar membranes
  • Two-, three- and four-circuit ED-stacks, flat sheet design with manifold open and closed hydraulic systems 

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