StanTech offers:

StanTech offers know-how and 30 years of experience in applications in which spiral wound modules are utilized in the fields of crossflow micro and ultrafiltration for clarifying and/or sterilizing aqueous process streams in all areas of water treatments and wastewater treatments as well as in reverse osmosis systems for desalination.

  • Design and construction
  • Design of process technology
  • Project management
  • Concepts, technology, design and construction
  • Consulting services

Design and construction

Design and construction of turnkey plants for separation of molecular mixtures utilizing synthetic membranes

Design of process technology

Design of technology for membrane separation processes and their integration in overall production processes

Project management

Project management for implementation of complete turnkey plants for producing hollow fiber as well as flat sheet membranes, for implementation of complete plants for producing respective membrane modules including the necessary peripheral plant components, such as plant equipment for providing required conditions for production, secure energy and media supply, recovery of valuable media out of production (solvents, washing water) etc.

Concepts, technology, design and construction

Concepts, technology, design and construction of turnkey plants for the production of synthetic hollow fiber as well as flat sheet separation membranes including systems to produce respective membrane modules

StanTech Consulting Services

Consulting services regarding executions of tests in laboratory and pilot plant scale as base for the design of industrial plants

Consulting services for solving special separation problems in the area of chemistry, food technology, water treatment and technologies for protection of the environment

Consulting services for operation and maintenance of plants performing membrane separation technology as well as online production control

Consulting services regarding procurement of membranes and modules for specific use in solving separation problems of liquid and gaseous mixtures

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